Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ENT has done a thankworthy job in appraisal of Estonia's nature and conservation

Estonian Nature Tours has gained deserved confidence amongst nature conservation and bird protection organizations of Estonia. We have initiated and participated in several public disputes and discussions related to wildlife and continuously support research and protection of the Flying Squirrel and the Foundation for Estonia's Young Conservationist Award. We participate actively in discussions of the Matsalu National Park's Cooperation Assembly and manage a tourist information centre in Lihula together with the local municipality. By virtue of the report at the fall semester of Estonian Society for Theriology (study of mammals) it was acknowledged, that ENT has done a thankworthy job in appraisal of Estonia's nature and conservation, widely introducing Estonia and its wildlife abroad. Our participation in partnership days with the Ministry of Environment has also been extremely useful with worthwhile discussions related to protection of wildlife (ENT and the Ministry of Environment signed a mutual Free Will Contract in 2013). In connection with Estonia's Chairmanship in the 2nd half of 2017 there will be an international conference on environmental matters, arranged by the Ministry of Environment, where among other topics Wildlife Tourism will be discussed, as suggested by ENT.

ENT has had a busy year. Besides our existing clientele we have found several new partners, mostly from Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Belgium. The number has grown almost up to 30.  The number of loyal clients has increased as well and that indicates, that we have provided reliable and high quality service.

Our activities are also of great importance in a local context. Several accommodation providers from our network have told us that our clients significantly extend their season and help the enterprises to survive. It is always good to know that our clients are awaited and beloved.

Here, we would like to share with you something really marvellous. 
One of our customers sent us, by post, this little booklet >

Truly touching! With the consent of the artist we used some of his drawings when designing the front and back cover of the ENT brochure 2017.

See also a gallery “There is no need for words” > 

With pleasure, we are continiously offering individual bookings on our fully-inclusive holidays. 

See the selection of best birdwatching, mammal tours and other wildlife holidays in Estonia available for the year 2017/2018 by clicking here >

To order Estonian Nature Tours brochure 2017 (for free) please send your contact details (full address, name) to our e-mail: info@naturetours.ee

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