Friday, June 21, 2013

SÜNNIPÄEVAÜLLATUS III- kanuumatkade hinnad maas!

Estonian Nature Tours sai 26-ndal mail 10-aastaseks!

Seoses sellega on kanuumatkade hinnad Matsalus madalamad kui kunagi varem, suve lõpuni!!!

Hind grupile 10-15 inimest 10 EUR / in
Hind grupile 15-20 inimest 9 EUR / in
Hind grupile 20-30 inimest 8 EUR / in

Hind sisaldab: kanuude renti koos varustusega ja kohalikku logistikat
Väiksema grupi puhul küsi eraldi hinnapakkumist.

Pakkumine ei kohaldu kanuumatkadele giidiga.

Helista juba täna ja küsi lisainformatsiooni tel. 5695 0350 või e-maili teel:

Estonian Nature Tours soovib teile ilusat jaanipäeva!

Estonian Nature Tours wish you a Happy Midsummer Day!

Sünnipäevaüllatuse võitjad teada / Birthday surprise winners announced

Meil on hea meel teatada sünnipäevaüllatuse võitjate nimed/ We are delighted to announce the birthday surprise winners:

Marika Blossfeldt-

Kaia Vooremaa-

Rita Mets-

Teele Meriste-

Palju õnne võitjatele!
Võtke meiega palun ühendust:
Estonian Nature Tours tänab Sind meiega veedetud aja eest!
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Congratulations to everyone!
Estonian Nature Tours would like to thank you for your time with us!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Clients are talking / Kliendid räägivad

"We had a good time in Estonia last week. All the warm clothing wasn’t really necessary, luckily. Tallinn is beautiful, and the two-days birding with Karel were also excellent. We saw or heard about 120 bird species, 6 of which I had not seen before. Excellent view of Great snipe, Corncrake, River warbler, White-backed woodpecker, and a soaring Lesser spotted eagle. And other very ‘good’ birds like Citrine wagtail. The pair of Hawk Owls was a very nice surprise." B.B / Belgium, May 2013

  Great Snipe (Gallinago media) / Arne Ader

Citrine Wagtail (Motacilla citreola) / Rein Kuresoo


"Thank you for giving up your own time to take us out, and to give us such a super day, the first day we were "on tour" in Estonia.  It was great seeing you again, and thanks for a very special lunch.   If only I had known you would be with us that day, I would have asked you to the opera - it was "La Traviata", and the Estonian company did it well.

Thank you for going to so much trouble over my anorak.  It doesn't look very special, but I am very attached to it - especially when it is cold!!    I feel such a fool to leave it in your car, but thank you for all the trouble you have taken to return it to me.

Thank you for finding us such a good guide.  He is absolutely one of the best.   We still want Tarvo, but when we can't have Tarvo we will be delighted to have Margus.   I know very few guides as good as him - he is a good bird finder and guide, and good company also.   You did well to find him.

I am already looking at my diary to see when we can go back again!" P.C / UK, June 2013 

 Female Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) / Pierre Vernay


"Our trip to Estonia was a great success. All participants were absolutely satisfied with Roosta puhkeküla accomodation (the cottages), all meals we were served, sauna and the atmosphere of the personel. The buss service and the driver Aivo were also great. Aivo did a good job taking account that we changed the routes many times according to weather. Our guide Mikko was super. He created from the very beginning open relations to all of our group members. He also knew the areas and places we visited and he had a good knowledge of both flora and fauna.

We all want to recommend Estonian Nature Tour services to all Finnish tourists and also to people from other countries. The Estonian nature is rich and beautiful. Satisfaction starts when you get  more than you expected. Here, in our case, this happened!" K.S / Finland, May 2013

A group of 19 birdwatchers and nature photographers of the Finnish Club of Helsinki 
visited Western Estonia 17.-20.5.-2013


"I am delighted to report that the bear-watch at Tudu was a success. I easily found the spot as you described, and soon after, two more cars of English people, along with Triin arrived. We were in the hide by 6 pm., and very quickly the first Racoon Dogs appeared, showing interest in the bear-food. About 9, two adult bears arrived, presumably a pair, and while one (the female?) stayed in the background, the other fed hungrily for about 15 minutes, giving wonderful views. A little later a Woodcock came and stood in full view before the hide for several minutes -- the best view I have ever had! In the morning light a fox came to wander around, and a White-Backed Woodpecker (very clearly seen and positively identified) appeared too. I am very grateful to you for organizing all that for me." J C-E. / Australia, June 2013

 White-backed Woodpecker (Dendrocopos leucotos) / Agamemnon Loutsios 


"Just to say we all had a great trip to Estonia and saw plenty of good birds - particularly the Grouse, Woodpeckers and Geese and even found a Black Kite. The mammals were equally good even though we didn't see a bear the Racoon Dogs were super and the Flying Squirrel was just fabulous. 

 Flying Squirrel (Pteromys volans) / JM Bompar

 Black Kite (Milvus migrans) / Source: Wikipedia

Margus is a really good birder, a superb tour leader a great guy and great company. We more or less stuck to the itinerary but changed things around a bit to suit our needs after discussions with or suggestions from Margus.Margus worked tirelessly throughout the week to find us birds & mammals and nothing was too much trouble for him - he really helped to make the trip and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again. So please pass on a big thank you once again from all of us.

The Mooste Viinavabrik Guesthouse was absolutely wonderful - a great building, great food, great staff and ideally located. You have just got to continue to use the place.

Finally a big thank you to you for the organisation and all the work you have done in the background that helped make for a fabulous and successful trip." J.W / UK, May 2013


"We had all a great trip in Estonia. It seems that everybody in the group enjoyed our visit very much. Margus is a very easy-going person to deal with and his knowledge about birding in Estonia is over the top! I like very much to travel with him. The people in the group also find him very nice." G.P / Sweden, Avifauna, June 2013

Ural Owl (Strix uralensis) / Raili Mets