Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bird of the Year 2018

Estonian Ornithological Society has announced that the winner of the competition for, 'Bird of the Year 2018' is Capercaillie.  The candidate was chosen as one of the symbols of pristine nature, as 2018 will also be the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Republic. In the final round Golden Eagle and Goldcrest were competing with Capercaillie, and in earlier rounds Black Grouse, Eurasian Jay, Nuthatch, Goosander, Bullfinch and several other species were in the running.  Ivar Ojaste, one of the proposers of Capercaillie, said, „Capercaillie is an inhabitant of our primeval natural forests, it spends its whole life in Estonia and is extremely sedentary. Lekking places of Capercaillie are situated in the margin forests of raised bogs, which are also symbols of our indigenous nature.“

Capercaillie / Photo: Ingmar Muusikus

This time the bird of the year was chosen very early to allow time for preparations of different actions and to celebrate the national anniversary with dignity - but there is still lots of time before 2018. In mid-December there will be a big convivial bird evening, where the ongoing Great Tit year will be officially concluded and the baton will be passed to Turtle Dove - the bird of the year 2017.
Estonian Ornithological Society has elected the Bird of the Year since 1995. The purpose is to thoroughly bring into the open some particular bird species or group of bird species and to attract nature lovers to study and protect that species. The full list of birds of the year is available in the webpage of the Estonian Ornithological Society.

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