Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Flight of the Swans

One woman, Sacha Dench, 7,000 km, 11 countries - by paramotor!  This was WWT's daring bid to fly with one of nature’s great migrations on a quest to save Bewick’s Swans.

Estonian Public Broadcasting Osoon about “Flight of the Swans” > 

With its efforts to support “the Flight of the Swan” campaign and the establishment of a National Action Plan for the Bewick’s Swan, Estonia demonstrates how these internationally agreed conservation measures can be successfully implemented at a national level. Estonia is situated along the “migration highway” of the east Atlantic flyway situated at a crossroads for seasonal migrations of several million migratory birds every year. Since joining AEWA in late 2008, Estonia has benefited from supporting transboundary waterbird conservation initiatives under the Agreement.

Source: www.flightoftheswans.org

Sacha’s epic migration has seen her cross the wilderness of the arctic tundra, endure injury, brave freezing temperatures, and battle through snow and thunder storms to make it back to Slimbridge. But the end for Flight of the Swans is just the beginning for WWT.

Their pioneering conservation work continues, saving endangered wildlife and the wetlands they need to survive.

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“Flight of the Swans ” Highlights Conservation Efforts in Estonia >

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Estonia: a blueprint for Bewickś conservation >

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