Friday, January 27, 2012

A New Edition of the Book about Estonian wildlife is now available on ENT Webshop!

"Estonia - the Heart of European Wildlife"

Marketing literature has proven to be very successful in the world's largest eco-tourism trade show, British Birdfair, as well as other sales activities in Europe. This is by far the best advocacy publication about nature values and conservation in Estonia. The book focuses on the species and habitats that are disappearing or absent elsewhere in Europe. That kind of approach - Why Estonia? - helps Estonians to distinguish themselves from other countries in Europe setting out the the reasons why nature-lovers from around the world should definitely visit Estonia. Although the title is intriguing, the content is fully relevant.
This beautifully designed book is also appropriate as a gift for foreign visitors.

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To see is to believe - happy reading!
Selected pages can be viewed below.

ISBN: 978-9949-21-979-7
Compilers: Marika Mann, Tarvo Valker
Design: Tuuli Mann
Binding: stapling through the centrefold paperback
Pages: 18
Publisher: NGO Loodusturismikeskus
Publication date: 20.09.2011

Shipping information:

We are shipping via International registered maxi letters

"Estonia- the heart of European Wildlife" – 6,00 € + shipping

To Europe:
up to 3 books = 4,00 €
4-6 books = 6,00 €
(including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Great Britain Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Russia)

To rest of the world:
up to 3 books = 4,50 €
4-6 books = 8,00 €

For further questions and larger amounts, please email us:

Preview of selected pages:
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