Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Estonian Nature Tours was holding its annual meeting in Roosta

On November 29 'Estonian Nature Tours’ meeting of bird and nature guides was held at Roosta. To start the meeting a there was a brief seminar in which Marika Mann, CEO gave a short overview of the goals and accomplishments of the company during the last 10 years. This was followed by discussion of how to refine the structure of programmes and tour-guide services in which everyone was favouring the opinion that nature tourism and ecotourism are credible branches of the industry, which can be jointly developed only via public debates in the state policy. 
Companies like Estonian Nature Tours are more than interested in achieving conservational goals and they are willing to participate in the legislative process concerning agriculture, hunting, forestry, energy and mineral resources, but likewise transportation, media and regional policy. 
While the activities of Estonian Nature Tours emanate from the deep feeling of a mission to introduce nature values and conservational activities of Estonia to its clients, it is essential to cooperate even more with the Ministry of Environment and the Environmental Board. ENT is willing to carry on this tradition and the next step will be mapping our common problems and purposes and forwarding these to relevant offices and ministries.
A dinner party and sauna was also meant to be as ex gratia to our essential and good partners - top nature tour-guides of Estonia. After the dinner the discussion was carried over to sauna, where it continued into the early hours.

 Marika is talking about product development and marketing  by Estonian Nature Tours

The dinner did not stop with closed bottles of wine and empty plates :) 
A truly delicious christmas roast was served with an apple and cheesecake for the afters. 

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