Friday, October 28, 2011

British Birdfair 2011

The world’s largest birdwatching fair, British Birdfair, was raising funds this year to protect the African-Eurasian flyway. The constantly expanding Sahara Desert and deterioration of habitats in wintering areas is causing problems for many bird species that breed in Europe and winter in Africa. Many common species such as Barn Swallow, Wood Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher and others are rapidly dedlining, a trend that is happening in Estonia’s breeding birds as well. To support the Birdfair's important conservation project Estonian Nature Tours put up a 6-day birding tour ‘Estonia in Early Spring’ to a charity auction. Bidding on the day took the price to £455, which will be donated in full to one of the most renowned bird conservation organizations - Birdlife International. Our congratulations to L. Lowdnes, the winner of our birding tour in the auction!

Birdfair’s auction raised over £17,000 which is a Birdfair record! The money raised goes directly to the project Birdfair is supporting - Birdlife International’s Flyways Project.

Bristish Birdfair 2011
Photo: Tarvo Valker

The 2011 Birdfair took place at Egleton Nature Reserve, Rutland from Friday, 19th till Sunday, 21st August. This is the fourth time Estonian Nature Tours (ENT) has participated in the bird tourism fair as an exhibitor.

White-tailed Eagles near feeding site
Photo: Mati Kose

Tarvo Valker, a member of council of the Estonian Ornithological Society, made a presentation „Nature protection highlights in Estonia“. A small country with quite a few naturalists has much to share with the rest of Europe. It is successful in protecting wildlife and carrying on valuable mammal and bird studies, as well as raising public awareness. The presentation was illustrated with many pictures showing highlights of all their work. There were about 150 visitors listening to his presentation.

Yellow-browed Warbler
Photo: Uku Paal

There was considerable interest in Estonian Nature Tour’s stand with almost 700 people visiting us during the weekend. In addition to this there was a clear increase in the number of tourists wishing to visit Estonia. There was great excitement among our visitors about our mammal-watch tours, but also our early spring birding tours and nature photography safaris.

For the first time Estonian Nature Tours offered a possibility to win a dream wildlife holiday to Estonia in British Birdfair 2011 and on our webpage as well. Read more...

White-backed Woodpecker
Photo: Sven Zacek

Estonian Nature Tours team also visited Norfolk area for short birding. Read more...

ENT team is eagerly looking forward to meet you next spring in Estonia and of course at the Birdfair 2012!


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