Wednesday, February 16, 2011

International Travel Trade Fair - TOUREST 2011


Have you ever been in the wild while others are still asleep? Have you heard the wolf howl, or met a bear in the deep woods? Have you seen the masses of Cranes flying in on a golden evening or out on a misty morning from their roosting places? Have you listened to the silence, or been in a romantic boat trip in the reed? Be open to new ideas, you will see more with us ...

The oldest and biggest International Travel Fair in the Baltic States - TOUREST - will be held in Tallinn on 18-20 February for the 20th time! Estonian Nature Tours is located in the Estonian domestic hall (Holidays in Estonia Hall), at Läänemaa fair ground. At Tourest we are sharing flyers, with which you can participate in our trips with 15% discount.

NB! For the first time there are gift cards available and the opportunity to book individual tours. Surprise your friend!

Print out free access ticket to Tourest

*** Special price does not apply to gift cards and printed Estonian Nature Tours flyers

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