Monday, May 27, 2013

Marika Mann, the Executive Manager of Estonian Nature Tours entered into a Free Will Contract with Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, the Minister of Environment

Being apprised of mutually approved environmental assets, environmental commitments of Estonian Republic and the need to reduce environmental impact, followed from the activities of enterprises and organizations, also to motivate them to the betterment of environmental activities, tour operator Estonian Nature Tours (ENT), represented by Marika Mann, member of the Board, and the Ministry of Envionment, represented by Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, the Minister, issued a Free Will Contract.

Minister of Environment and manager of ENT are greeting the guests / Photo: Raili Mets

Signing the Free Will Contract / Photo: Maris Saar

Marika presented the Minister earrings designed by her daughter / Photo: Maris Saar

 Photo: Raili Mets

Leader of Lihula municipality Riho Erismaa and Lääne county Governon Innar Mäesalu / Photo: Raili Mets

Celebrating the event / Photo: Raili Mets

Signing of the contract took place on 21th May at 16.00 in the Lihula Manor, in the office of Estonian Nature Tours. Member of the Board of ENT, Marika Mann provided a short overview of the contribution of the company to the development of nature tourism in Estonia and about introduction of natural assets and the goals of nature conservation in Estonia in the rest of the World. After that we were went all together to the boat-trip in Matsalu reedbeds.

Marika joined the group... / Photo: Raili Mets

 Raili was left ashore / Photo: Maris Saar

 In the beginning of the boat trip wind was rising / Photo: Marju Pajumets

 Our selfmade picnic food was delicious / Photo: Maris Saar

By the time a beaver watching the wind calmed down / Photo: Marju Pajumets

The evening was wonderful both for us and the British birdlovers / Photo: Marju Pajumets

The representatives of Ministry of Environment, Environmental Board, State Forest Management Centre, Lihula Municipality and West County Government attended the event also.

Estonian Nature Tours became 10 years old on 26th May!


  1. Well done Marika. Look forward to seeing you in two weeks time.

  2. Many thanks, John!! Looking forward to seeing you in Estonia :)

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