Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ode to Estonia

By David Dennis – National Chair, Butterfly Conservation UK

When Mike said ‘We’re off to Estonia,
Where there’s lots of new species to snap.’
I said ‘I’ve always wanted to go there’
But then had to check on the map!

We found it was pleasantly rural
Full of insects and birdlife and frogs
You can wander around at your leisure
But you need to watch out for the bogs!

A bog was our first destination
At first we all thought it a breeze
But you mustn’t stand still for a moment
Or the water comes up to your knees.

Now the butterflies are quite amazing
With strange adaptations, we hear.
The adults are fitted with snorkels
And the larvae have full scuba gear.

We were nine, seven blokes and two ladies
Mike had hoped they would keep us in check
And inhibit our drinking and swearing.
Do you reckon it worked? Did it heck!!

Now our Ron was in charge of moth trapping
And we saw what a fine job he did
Up until he cross-wired the electrics
And buggered the National Grid.

But Mike saw the whole situation
And sorted it all without fuss.
He made sure that no one was injured
Then went back to sleep on the bus.

One night we went looking for beavers
And it felt quite relaxing and calm.
The beavers were not very active
So we thought ‘We will come to no harm.’

But suddenly from a giant cruiser
A tsunami came at us at speed!
We said ‘Never mind metre-long beavers,
It’s a metre of loo roll we need!’

But the one who’s impressed us is Tony
With his knowledge of everything small.
He’s identified hundreds of micros
Which mostly you can’t see at all!

All in all it’s been truly amazing
There’s been butterflies, banter and beer.
And it’s all down to Mike and to Erki
So we hope they’ll invite us next year!

Estonia butterfly tour 6-13 June, 2012.

 Weaver's Fritillary, Boloria dia / David Dennis

 Poplar Admiral, Limenitis populi / Wilfred Powell

 Scarce Fritillary, Euphydryas maturna / Wilfred Powell

Woodland Brown, Lopinga achine / Wilfred Powell

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